We are gladiators, who get on the highway and battle it out with our machines.

HighwayStar isn’t a club. We are not a shop. We are not a gang. We are drivers. We design and make clothing we think other drivers will wear. We travel to shows and meets. We compete in racing, from Auto-X to Solo Club races, to drag racing and even highway. The moral we live by is drive what you have built and love what you drive. We don’t believe in doing this for anyone other than yourself. It’s never about the car but the person behind the wheel. I have always loved a story of the road more than the what the person has done to the car because when you pour your soul into a machine it becomes a being on it’s own. It breathes, bleeds and lives just like you. So remember to not follow the norm. Do what you do for yourself and do not worry of what others may say.