Best read while listening to Chromatics- Running Up That Hill

I haven’t posted anything in a while, like 2014 while. To be completely honest I didn’t know if people still wanted to hear from the mind of a HighwayStar or a rambler. I have been through a roller coaster of a year and few months but life has never been better. A year after my last post 7/31/2014, my beloved Roxanne was involved in a terrible accident. I made the decision to restore her to what I thought would be her final stage. I have had a lot of mixed emotions since having the car painted and radically transforming the car. She went from a flat black hot rod era inspired road machine to a shiny red trophy wife. Clean and undisturbed, on air ride on nice shiny wheels and the paint to match. The abnormal show car with hints of “I don’t fucking care” poking out at every edge. The car was more than a pain in the ass for the shop, Decaudellas out of Melbourne, Fl to work on. Spending countless hours and the shop itself going through a staff change didn’t help but I also didn’t help. If you know me personally you probably understand that I am as crazy as they come and I don’t sit still. I changed my mind several times and when the debut of the car came in November I had officially lost my mind. Nobody but few know this but I had 4 meltdowns, 7 panic attacks and about 12 tempter tantrums at Simply Clean 7 while trying to run the HighwayStar booth, manage 20 something HighwayStar members and prospects and trying to keep my emotions in check because the car that I have tattooed on me, the car that I have spent over 40,000 hours in had changed so dramatically, that I didn’t know weather to love it or hate it.

I’m still on the fence about it.

I love how perfect she looks but I miss what she used to be so I have to come to a decision, put what define me and made me love this car behind me and move forward or live in the past like I have done so many years before. Wallow in my misery or evolve. Accept the change or be destroyed by it. I rarely drive the car anymore, i’m terrified of the paint getting scratched or worse off someone running into me again. It’s a fear I hope no car guy or gal ever goes through. I love Roxanne and missed her so much I bought another WRX in hopes of making a clone which is something I am still debating doing because I hate silver cars. For now, know this,  HighwayStar is still alive and kicking strong. Roxanne is still alive and even though she barely gets driven, she’s still the same ol’ girl underneath. I am doing really well and have never been happier in my entire 30 some odd years of life. I have met someone who lights up my life every single day and she inspires me in every single way possible. My muse, my Olivia.

I will talk to you guys sooner than later, with love. – Manny


ps here’s roxanne at the beach