Photos by HighwayStar Sean Reilly and HighwayStar Patrick I Love Driving Slow Winterfest usually rounds out the year for many of us car enthusiasts in the Florida area. This year was slightly different though. I Love Driving Slow (ILDS) decided to change the venue this year due to the overwhelming attendance of last year’s show. This year’s venue was the Florida State Fairgrounds in Tampa, FL. With a new venue, there is bound to be a little confusion day of the event, but the staff that ILDS had gathered handled all the obstacles during the event (even the Porsche that caught fire leaving the venue). As with any show, vendors are asked to show up pretty early. But that is okay because that some times mean some very beautiful sunrise photos… …and some early morning prep photos as well. Though, some people’s preps are different than others. As HighwayStar Manny preps with a beer, a sandwich and a middle finger to Roxanne, hahaha! As more and more cars were allowed in (first the Fresh 100, then the rest of show and spectators), a large diverse amount of cars started to fill the area. As the show came to a close, we think ILDS definitely found their new home for Winterfest for years to come! For more photos from HighwayStar Sean Reilly: Sean Reilly Photography’s Flickr: Ilovedrivingslow Winterfest For more photos from HighwayStar Patrick: HighwayStar Patrick’s Flickr: ILDS Winterfest 2015