Photos by HighwayStar Sean Reilly and HighwayStar Patrick Tis the season! The season for giving thanks and enjoying our friends and family. With this season, just as last, we at HighwayStar Garage give thanks to an event that brings us, and many of our friends and family, together: Simply Clean 7! Held once again at Destination Daytona in Ormond Beach, FL, Simply Clean brings together the car community in a simple motto that it has always upheld: It is not a competition. All makes and models are welcome. All walks of life are welcome. It is a show that brings people and friends from all over the US, and including several of our international friends as well, together. Even the night before the show now, there are multiple pre-meets (both official and non-official) where friends and family gather to enjoy each others’ company and catch up with one another. This year, many of the HighwayStar family hung out at the Destination Daytona pavilion the night before to gather and prep for the show the next day like many others. This included a little metal working/cutting from our good friend, and now HighwayStar, Natchez, haha! That night also including the soft release of Roxanne Racekor’s make over: Show day. From sun up until sun down, and even after that, the entire Destination Daytona is a buzz with people and engine noises. As the show came to a close, that didn’t mean that our fun filled weekend would end. After hanging out again at the pavilion after the show, as well as Manny, Doritos, Meszaros and even Olivia yelling off one of our room’s balcony, we decided to turn in for the night so we could to […]