Photos by HighwayStar Patrick and Sean Reilly Once again, it was that time of year! Southern Worthersee (SoWo) in beautiful Helen, GA! SoWo has always been one of HighwayStar Garage’s favorite event because of the beautiful city of Helen and her mountain roads, and friends and family that come both near and far. As always, HighwayStar loves to roll deep when going to Helen, GA. And this year was no different. With several new additions (both cars and people), this year proved to be one of the more interesting SoWo’s! Leaving Thursday early morning, cruising up to Helen, GA went by in a mere several hours. Once in Helen, it was time to check in to the famous Helendorf Inn and get settled in for the weekend. But not without having a little fun as well! After goofing off for a bit and relaxing the rest of the afternoon/evening, we hit Friday morning hard by getting the booth setup for the weekend. Even HighwayStar R2-D2 was helping! 😀 After the booth was set up, the rest of Friday and almost all day Saturday consisted of slinging merch, hanging out with friends, and exploring the great vehicles that had flooded into this little town. Including all the awesome vehicles on the show field! Which also included us sticking a decal on an awesome Nissan 350Z! Funday Sunday came around and many of us decided to do some mountain runs on the roads around Helen, GA. At the end of the run, Manny seemed satisfied with both the run, the trip, and with Roxanne. As many of you know, Southern Worthersee is considered no more. After a great 9 year run, due to certain situations that became […]