Photos by Sean Reilly

When most people think of HighwayStar Garage, they think of the black beauty known as Roxanne (as well as Manny’s majestic beard). Everyone knows of Roxanne’s bugeye, stickered, flat blackness of epic. Luckily, Roxanne got to play with other of her kind at the 2nd Annual Central Florida Subaru Meet/BBQ in Sanford, FL! A large showing of Subaru’s came out to this event, even barring the weather! This year, the event attempted to break the Guinness Book Record of having the largest parade of registered Subaru’s at one event that they set forth last year. Unfortunately, they were not able to obtain that mark, but they still brought out a ton of local and not so local Subaru’s to the event!

For more photos from Sean Reilly:

Sean Reilly’s Flickr: Subaru Mega Meet 2015