Words by HighwayStar Patrick. Photos by HighwayStar Patrick and HighwayStar Steven. When one thinks normally of the Daytona International Speedway, one normally thinks of NASCAR. When HighwayStar Garage thinks of the Daytona International Speedway, we think the Rolex 24! A four day event beginning on Thursday and ending on Sunday. A race that runs from mid afternoon on Saturday, goes all through the night, and ends mid afternoon on Sunday. A race where for 24 hours, your senses are inundated with racekor sights, sounds, smells and feels! This year, as the previous three years HighwayStar Garage has attended, we camped within the infield of the prestigious track. We were joined this year by our friends Nickoli from Simply Clean and Sam Dobbins from MoreThanMore, as well as several other of our friends. Sadly, I, HighwayStar Patrick, unfortunately didn’t get to Daytona until late Friday night. HighwayStar Manny, HighwayStar Ramon, and Nickoli were able to get there Thursday morning when the gates opened. They were able to take in the sights and sounds of those beautiful race cars as theses cars got ready for their day to hopefully shine come race day. As the track laid quiet in anticipation for the coming race, rain decided to make it’s presence throughout the night. Saturday morning. And the rain still lingering. We all got up early so we could go check out the second round of the Ferrari Challenge. A nice blistering race before the start of the Rolex! As the race ended, so did the rain thankfully. We headed back to the camp site to dry off a little, gather our selves, and got ready for what would be the start of 24 hours of beautiful music […]