As we look back onto 2014, and get ready for 2015, HighwayStar Garage has seen a lot of growth! That growth has not only been internal, but also external with our supporters and fans. We all may be both near and far (even cross continental. Can’t wait for you to come home Andrew!) But our bond will always remain strong among us.

Here at HighwayStar Garage, we would like to thank each and every one of you! Not only for believed in us, but for standing by us and showing us the love that we hope we show to each one of you!

As we push into the new year, our el presidente, HighwayStar Manny, has a couple words for our great support base:

“To all our supporters. Friends. Family. Brothers and gear heads. Thank you for everything. We do this for you. It’s not about money. Or shirts. Or vinyl. It’s about the stories. The miles. The roads that lead us to today. I love and we love each and everyone one of you. Wear #highwaystar proud. Remember that without you, we are nothing. And, without our passion, we are nothing. Passion over fashion, and truth over fame. Till next year kids.”