Words and photos by HighwayStar Patrick.

Simply Clean at Destination Daytona has always been one of the favorite shows that the HighwayStar family love to attend every year! The show isn’t about awards, contest, or trophies. It’s a show about coming together and hanging with friends: old and new, near and far. Hosted by Mr. Simply Clean himself, Nickoli, and many of his close friends, family and staff, we here at HighwayStar Garage would like to thank him and his staff for all their hard work they put into this event every year!

This year (just like last year), a pre-meet was held by and at CCW Wheels in Daytona. CCW was very generous and gracious in opening their doors to the public Friday night, after business hours.

And the highlight of this year’s pre-meet, at least for us in the HighwayStar family and friends, was HighwayStar Steven/Doritos unveiling Summer, his S2000, with its newly added wide body kit! This kit, which was installed by De’Caudella’s Auto Body Shop, was something in the works by Steven for some time now. Steven kept it such a closely guarded secret, that, even the HighwayStar family wasn’t full aware that he had gotten the kit installed!

Congratulations to Steven and his car Summer for such an awesome make over!

Saturday morning. Weather was a little on the cool side for us Floridians that morning. But, that doesn’t stop the plethora of people waiting to get in, even at 7am in the morning (even though general admission doesn’t start till 9am, haha. Sorry guys.). People from all over the state, as well as all over the country, come to take part in this event. Not because they have anything to prove. But because they are here for the fun atmosphere, the awesome show of cars, and great, open location that is Destination Daytona! Many of the HighwayStar group lent a hand this year to Nickoli and the Simply Clean family/staff. We understand that it takes lots of planning, lots of bodies, and lots of determination to pull off such a huge and grand event. And here at HighwayStar, we are willing to help out, when needed, for good causes and great people/friends!

And this post wouldn’t be complete without a silly photo post that I randomly got, haha. Thank you Shana Ruff and Brian Ruff for lending me your dog and your lip, respectively!

Many thanks again from the HighwayStar Garage family to Nickoli and the Simply Clean staff/family for creating, hosting and working this enormously successful event! We definitely can’t wait to see what next year will bring!

More photos from both the pre-meet and show can be found here:

HighwayStar Patrick’s Flickr: Simply Clean 6