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HighwayStar Garage and BC Racing present Impreza GF8 Coilover Install!

HighwayStar presents 8Ball Coast to Coast

The anxiety. It wasn’t until the day before the rally when I was driving to Tampa that it hit me. What we are doing is highly illegal and there will be 95 other cars all trying to do the same thing as me. Get there first. I started thinking of the obvious things how I didn’t want to speed, go to jail, hurt someone, hurt my car. The more I thought about it the more I talked myself out of it. The roads we were taking we some of the most crowded in Florida. It was on a Saturday. The busiest time for driving, shopping and families. I told myself this was the worst idea I had ever had. Previous months before I had met Nate, one of the founders of the 8ball rally. He had told me what the idea was. High stakes poker run, 80s themed, run what you brung. He loved HighwayStar and what we stood for. The road and the stories they tell. Me being intoxicated when I met him I gladly signed on. I followed him and Rudy for almost a year til I actually met Rudy in person. The only word I can use to describe him is firecracker. This dude is about his business but is as live as they come. Weeks prior to the rally I decided not only to treat myself to a birthday present but to change the look of Roxanne. I sourced a new hood and front bumper but headaches, delayed shipments, crappy sellers led to a lot of sleepless nights and a week before he rally, the car breaks down. But 3 days before the rally everything was fixed. Thanks to the guys […]