We should be thankful everyday of our lives for what we have. friends family health etc. A friend wrote this today and I wanted to share it with the world enjoy.-pp


Now that I have fully settled in, I have had some time to reflect and I have so much to be thankful for. When HighwayStar Steven introduced me to HighwayStar Manny and HighwayStar Ramon, I was basically done with the car scene. I was tired of the uppity people I raced with, I was beyond done with the children that make up the street scene and I was sick of people who were too afraid to actually drive their “show queens”. I built this car (Nadine) for me. Every other car that I built before her felt like it was for someone else. Which is why I didn’t have a problem letting them go when it came time to move out east. Ultimately I wanted a car that I could take out on the track and be competitive with, go on a 20+ hour road trip with and not worry about her breaking down, and turn some heads on the street while doing this. Before I met HighwayStar Garage, I thought I accomplished my task, but no one could see my vision. To everyone else Nadine was incomplete and unimpressive which infuriated me to no end.

HighwaySTAR Garage saw me and my vision for what it was. With you I have found more than brothers for life, I have found an ideal that I could not fully articulate until I met all of you. This isn’t about being a Track Rat or a Show Queen or a Street King. It is about a bond between brothers and relationship with your creation. It is about being true to yourself and not letting the masses influence your ambitions. It is about getting wheels to asphalt and aspiring to do it better than anyone has dreamed of, what ever that “it” is for YOU! This is what makes me a HighwaySTAR for life. I don’t care if I ever build a Squad that is half as great as the Hellfish, Florida will always be sacred to me. It is where I fell in love with cars again and it is where I gained faith in the scene.

For my brothers who are just starting this journey and even for my brothers who have been at this for a while, I do not write this as a testament to my loyalty or question your motivation. This is my love letter to HighwayStar, Nadine, and Florida. This is what I am thankful for.

– King George Ollie