Many times, HighwayStar Garage gets invited to local meets within the community that let us sit back, hang out with friends, and get to see some nice cars. Universal Technical Institute (or UTI) hosted their 2nd meet at the UTI facility in Orlando, FL, and invited HighwayStar Garage to vend at the event. As per usual, we brought out some of our heavy hitters, including HighwayStar Ollie’s Integra Type-R which won an award at the meet! Congratulations Ollie! HighwayStar Ramon decided to debut Nikki (his new BMW M5) that he had recently picked up. We will all miss Betty, but she is in good hands. Even HighwayStar R2-D2 was out for the festivities at the meet. Several things and vendors were out at this event to help promote the meet. RuckHouse and their Ruckus crew decide to stop by with some of their beautifully designed Ruckus’. And some of the other cars that attended the event: And last, some goofiness at the meet: The rest can be found here: HighwayStar Patrick Flickr: UTI Meet 9-14-13