When does something stop being a hobby or a job or a toy? When do you stop being a child and grow into an adult? When this passion consumes you, when it’s all you can do and think of.

When an idea completely takes over you, it haunts you and chases you. You can’t stop thinking about it. At times i have wished this idea left me. The memory of driving stays with me. I wanted at times to move past it and grow like my friends did. Settle down, go to college, become a scholar like my father and grandfather before me, but i can’t. I’ve loved and lost and this passion still remains. I cannot move past it. It’s all i think about, the road, the empty highway. The sun comes down, the headlights come on and the sound of the tires the bumps in the road moving the car. The steering wheel in your hands, your hands begin to sweat. The fantasy. I dreamed of becoming a better driver. I put time and money into parts that i think did the correct work to make me faster, but in reality it was me that needed to improve not the car.

What I’m saying is, if an idea can move you so much that you become something else entirely. Make sure the idea is worth dying for because it will not leave you. It will be implanted with you and be passed on to your children.

For me this idea has been driving. It has never left me as hard as I’ve tried. It’s consumed me since I was a child. When I drove my first car at 10, it was all I could think about. The idea of a HighwayStar is someone that loves driving more than the car they’ve designed, built or explored. Someone who is so passionate about being on the road and traveling, driving, exploring that it’s all they wake up for. So when you ask me, what is a HighwayStar, it’s you. The passion you have for what you do. Someone that is so passionate about driving that they are a dying star. Shines very bright but is doing just that, letting the idea of driving, ends them.