When does a car stop being a car and become something more?

A passion? A love? A friend?

This past weekend, a friend of mine referred to his car as a piece of metal and didn’t understand why people thought it was so great.  I told him, that there comes a time for any builder, artist or person when something grows and takes a life of its own. Almost like a flower in a garden or a child in the womb. I believe, that depending on your dedication to something, it can grow from being an inanimate object to something that lives and breathes just like we do.

At one time, the car you all know as Roxanne was a beater. Something that I would use to drive me back and forth to work and road trips to see my friends and family. She never complained, never hiccupped and never left my side. My other projects have left but she has remained. She has seen me through 3 relationships, carried me through some of the hardest days of my life and has never complained. It’s funny how we make a connection with a car. When you get in an accident you don’t say the car got in an accident, you say “I” was in an accident. We make such a connection with this device, a tool if you will, that it depends on you and you depend on it. The best word I can describe this with is an affair. My car, Roxanne has been with me for 5 years, 6 if you count the time she spent with my brother. What I’m getting at, is now, a lot of our younger generation seem to be emulating the older guys that have been modifying and working on their machines. This emulation, in my opinion, has lost its soul. If you are going to copy a trend, a style, if you are going to emulate what other people have done, don’t half ass it. Go forward at 110%. Don’t worry about what other people will think because we are only here for ourselves, no one else. Be selfish and grow with your project as you transform her. Whether its race, drift, stanced, jdm +, euro +, it doesn’t matter. We are all bonded by these machines, so respect each other and get back to basics.

We are the brave, the exhausted. We fight through the night. We battle the conditions to fulfill our mission. The journey is the battle. The highway is our battle ground. The exhaustion in our lungs is pain leaving our bodies. The delusions we start to see is fatigue setting in. Our mind is our only adversary but we continue driving because that’s what we know. That’s what we were bred to do and the steering wheel is the only companion we need.


xoxo – manny