I could type something corny and explain to you what Grand-Am racing is and what a 24 hour endurance race is but I won’t.

Driving has always been a type of mediation to me. So it’s easy to say when the Rolex 24 at Daytona was coming back around I knew I had to go. We initially went to the 50th anniversary last year but couldn’t spend more than a day there but it was an religious experience. For 2013 I felt I had to go bigger. I camped out for 4 days in the Daytona camping grounds, seeing many different cars qualifying and struggling to keep there cars running. By Friday I was a bit loopy from isolation but our good friend HighwayStar Patrick showed up to take some snaps and hang out. The best thing you can do is buy the 4 day pass which includes garage access to all the pit crews and car. You get to walk right in the middle of them working and wrenching on cars and they treat you just like family. By the start of the actual Rolex race on Saturday I was beyond excited and the noises these machines make is beyond describable. I’ve met one of my all time heroes at the race and made a lot of memories with friends that I will never forget. Enjoy the photo set and thanks to Patrick, Nickoli, bbylauren, Doritos, Kendra, Matt1,  Amanda, Valerie, Alli, Woody, Matt2 the state of stance crew and little jen for sharing in this experience with me.

And to the fuck knuckle who stole my R2D2 cooler, I hope you get raped by a Velociraptor you silly clown fuck.


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